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Healthy Roots Box true to its values with riji®

Healthy Roots Box true to its values with riji®

We are delighted to announce that Healthy Roots Box has launched its range of boxes-to-go using riji® trays and compostable film lids.

The company’s dream began in 2015 when the founders realised they could offer delicious, guilt-free food. They have strong beliefs that healthy food should be available to everyone. You can order online from their Upminster, Greater London headquarters.

True to their beliefs about health, they selected the riji® sustainable tray, which is made from all natural plant-fibres and can be composted in the garden, or recycled as paper.

You can see  the Healthy Roots website here

Contact us on 02381 53 43 43 to talk about introducing riji® containers for your ready-meal and food-to-go ranges.




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