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Support for our compostable food packaging innovation?

Support for our compostable food packaging innovation?

The Ocean Plastics Accelerator 

The Ocean Plastics Accelerator is a new competition to tackle plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, which has opened with an accompanying briefing event taking place today. KCC’s Managing Director Kevin Clarke is attending the event today, run by Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network, to ensure KCC Packaging stays fully aware of opportunities to take its compostable food packaging innovation forward, and to meet like-minded innovators in the world of reducing plastic.

The competition invites UK companies to develop solutions to tackle the environmental crisis of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. “Ocean plastic solutions investment accelerator: reducing plastic pollution” is open for UK businesses for a share of up to £2 million.

This investment accelerator competition provides £1 million grant funding from Innovate UK and £1 million private investment from Sky Ocean Ventures for early stage projects. The competition is open to single UK small and micro companies who are looking for grant funding and who want to establish an equity relationship with Sky Ocean Ventures.

Do you know Kevin Clarke and his family all wear 4Ocean bracelets to demonstrate their support for cleaning up the world’s oceans?


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