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High temperature, biodegradable food packaging

Riji® is the ideal replacement for the ready meal and food-to-go markets

2018 is a watershed year. Starting in the last quarter of 2017, Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 documentary began a massive process of change.

The Daily Mail has long championed environmental issues around packaging, and brought plastics pollution to the front pages once again.

This was followed on 10th January by Prime Minister Theresa May’s commitment to eliminate plastic waste by 2042.

Iceland Foods’ more immediate ‘no plastic’ pledge to protect the oceans, has led the way for all retailers to take urgent action.

We have been working on riji® for a decade.

Now, development meets opportunity.

In addition to its eco-credentials of being recyclable, home-compostable and biodegradable, riji out-performs current ready meal packaging.

Made of natural plant fibres, the product, which may be moulded to your specification such as tray, cup or bowl, remains rigid at high temperatures.

It has a global food migration certificate, which is approved by EU and FDA standards.

The totally natural trays, cups, bowls etc., are coated with a biodegradable material which stops them leaking when filled with wet foods such as ready meals, soups and so on.

When the customer heats the chilled or frozen pack at home, it stays rigid and although it becomes hot, it is not dangerously so. The food inside stays hotter for longer. Quick. Easy. Safe.

What’s more, riji® has the very smallest carbon footprint and is therefore the ideal sustainable choice. It is created from natural plant fibres which, if we didn’t use them for our packaging, would be discarded.

There is no need for the food producer to install new equipment. Riji® containers can be sealed using standard production equipment.

Riji® may be lidded using conventional plastic film or a biodegradable films such as cellulose. Using the latter means the pack is 100% biodegradable.

For takeaways and smaller packers, riji® can be supplied with its own microwaveable clip-on lid, which is made from recyclable Polypropylene. Not only is this the greener choice, it also has a range of benefits over plastic takeaway trays.

We have had invaluable trials with ‘food-to-go’ companies who could see significant benefits in its ability to remain rigid in professional microwaves such as Turbochef and Merrychef, where it withstands up to 250c.

We are ready to go and look forward to your journey with us.

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