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Our sustainability focus

More than 35 years ago, we started working in partnership with a number of food producers and retailers.

Our aim? To ensure their packaging gives them a market difference. 

Since then, by responding to their needs, we have been responsible for many innovations based on the food industry’s demands.

Progressively in the last fifteen years, we have been leading the way to a sustainable, greener future in food packaging.

In that time, consumers have moved more and more towards convenient, ready meals and food-to-go. And increasingly, they are demanding that their food is packaged responsibly.

For the last ten years, we have been developing riji®, a replacement for CPET, the main plastic used for ready meal trays. The food retailer Iceland’s recent announcement that it will dispense with plastic packing within five years is the kind of leadership we have been waiting for all this time.  Until the food industry makes the change, it doesn’t matter how much we invest in solutions, or how strongly the government backs us with grants.

Today, we stock only packaging made either from low carbon, recyclable materials, or from biodegradable plant sources.

Much of it is available from stock. And the very latest is being trialled by the UK’s most forward-thinking, environmentally responsible food producers, who are striving to keep ahead on behalf of their retail customers.

Let’s talk about how KCC can help you to meet your sustainability requirements.  Call us on +44(0)2381 53 43 43 or email

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