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Loved by your customers

Today’s time-poor consumer looks for quick convenience, to feed the family with a wide variety of cuisines.

The modern retailer has risen to the challenge by developing the world’s best range of tasty meal solutions to suit all occasions and budgets.

Whilst consumers love the ease of ready meals, they hate binning plastic they know will be around for 500 years after a 30-minute meal is all done. Every retailer knows that customers often use higher temperatures than advised when heating their ready meals. This leads to customer complaints and dissatisfaction – aggravation we could all live without.

Common sense dictates that nature will provide the best solutions.

Riji® is not only sustainable, low carbon, recyclable and home-compostable; it also stays rigid and doesn’t melt at above 250C.

What’s more, it is a great insulator, so food stays hot for longer, and you can handle the cooler outside of the tray in comfort.

This means it is possible to crisp and caramelise meals such as lasagne, without damaging ovens and hands.

Let’s talk about how riji® can help you to delight your customers. Call us on +44(0)2381 53 43 43 or email